What do Coffee and Cancer have in Common?


When it comes to anything coffee related, millions of people start to pay attention since this wonderful drink has warmed its way into our hearts with its great taste and the ability to wake us up. However, people in California may find their selves shocked to see cancer risks on their coffee packages in the near future.

Is coffee truly bad for you?

Doctor Edward Giovannucci is here to put our minds at ease. He said that coffee s not really the enemy, it is actually quite neutral for us. However, the World Health Organization has decided to put the coffee on its possible carcinogenic list about two years ago. So is coffee truly bad for us or not?

Well, not coffee per say but a chemical that is made when the beans get roasted could be the culprit. Acrylamide has been called a possible carcinogenic after studies have been performed on animals. However, no one knows the exact level of acrylamide that is bad for humans.

If you drink one cup of coffee a day then you are okay, you should not worry about this. However, if you drink a couple of cups a day then you may want to cut that down just to be safe.

Why does California want to put cancer warning on coffee packages?

The FDA performed a test to see the levels of acrylamide in six brand of coffee. The highest level of acrylamide was found in the decaf brand of coffee. A law was passed that makes coffee brands put a warning on their packaging. However, most people will start to associate drinking coffee with smoking when in reality these two are not related at all. So, in the end, the law may do more harm than good. However, the brands do have time to repeal this decision.


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