Vaping Could Actually Be More Harmful Than Traditional Cigarettes


If you thought that vaping is the solution to eventually quit smoking, think again. A new research reports that vaping can harm our organism much more compared to traditional cigarettes.

Flavorings in e-cigarettes have the ability to damage the lungs by triggering inflammation, according to scientists. Such battery-powered devices are currently advertised as tools that can help smokers quit their unhealthy habit.

But it seems that even short-term use can cause as much or even more damage as the real thing, according to the Greek team of experts.

Additives cause inflammation 

In their experiments, they used mice, and they found additives such as flavoring that have caused inflammation that’s similar or even worse compared to the one seen in traditional cigarettes.

Corresponding author Dr. Constaninos Glynos said: “The observed detrimental effects in the lung upon e-cigarette vapor exposure in animal models highlight the need for further investigation of safety and toxicity of these rapidly expanding devices worldwide.”

These simulate smoking a traditional cigarette by dispensing a vapor that’s derived from liquid chemicals in a refillable cartridge that can typically contain nicotine, glycol and more flavorings.

The Mirror reports that Dr. Glynos said: “Electronic cigarettes are advertised as a less harmful nicotine delivery system or as a new smoking cessation tool. Our findings suggest that exposure to e-cig vapor can trigger inflammatory responses and adversely affect respiratory system mechanics.”

Some compounds are not even safe for short-term use

Dr. Glynosstates that some of the many flavoring components that are on the market are not even safe for short-term use.

The study concluded that both e-cigarette vaping and conventional smoking definitely have a negative impact on the lungs.

Public Health England reports that e-cigs are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. The manufacturing companies are suggesting smokers to consider switching to vaping in a bid to help them quit.


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