Too Much Time In Front Of The Screen Reportedly Triggers Drop In Children’s Brain Functioning


Too much time in front of the screen triggers severe effects for kids. A Canadian study reported that one in 20 kids in the U.S. meets the guidelines on sleep, exercise and screen time and almost a third are outside recommendations for all these.

On average, kids aged between 8 and 11 spend 3.6 hours per day in front of the TV, mobile phone, computer or tablet screen. This is almost double the suggested time of a maximum of 2 hours.

Lack of sleep and excess screen time trigger lower cognitive skills

Lack of sleep and excess screen time has been clearly linked to a drop off in cognitive skills which include memory, language ability, and task completion, the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health.

The 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth recommend at least an hour of physical activity on a daily basis, two hours or less of recreational screen time per day, and nine to 11 hours of sleep each night in children aged eight to 11 years.

“We found that more than two hours of recreational screen time in children was associated with poorer cognitive development,” said lead author Jeremy Walsh, a researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Ottawa.

He continued and said that “Based on our findings, pediatricians, parents, educators, and policymakers should promote limiting recreation screen time and prioritizing healthy sleep routines during childhood and adolescence.”

Results are worrying 

Walsh and the team analyzed data coming from 4,520 children from 20 locations in the U.S. the experts also tested the kids’ cognitive skills, adjusting the results for puberty development, household income, and more factors that might have the ability to affect the kids’ performance.

The results showed that about 30% of the kids failed to meet any of the recommendations. This raises awareness that kids should spend less time in front of the screen.

France, for instance, urges parents not to allow kids under three to watch TV. American pediatricians also favor a total ban on screen time until at least 18 months.


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