Tobacco Giants Are Investing Billions In Smokeless Products As Healthier Alternatives


Tougher regulations and graphic imagery of lung disease on packagings have led the cigarette industry to try and adapt fast in order to survive.

The growing calls for a healthier alternative have left firms a bit worried even if more than a billion people around the world are estimated to still consume cigarettes.

Big companies are searching for alternative solutions 

Currently, important companies such as Phillip Morris International, the same company that makes the Marlboro brand continue hunting for solutions that will cut smokers’ exposure to such harmful toxins.

Even if e-cigarettes are widely regarded as a major breakthrough in smokeless tobacco products, the search keep going and improvements are being hunted.

“We soon identified it all comes down to temperature,” said Dr. Nveed Chaudhary, director of scientific communications at the PMI Operations Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He continued and explained that “Setting fire to paper and tobacco has been the only way to extract the flavors inside for a hundred years. But we identified that if you can lower the temperature and eliminate the process of combustion you can still release nicotine and those flavors, but reduce toxicity by eliminating combustion. When you burn beyond 400C, you break down the structures of tobacco into the harmful chemicals that cause diseases.”

PMI opened its research and development center in Bologna, Italy back in 2008. The factory aims to help the future of Big Tobacco while at the same time creating the next generation of smokeless products and at the same time reducing the number of smoking-related deaths from all over the world.

PMI spent more than $3 billion on new products

PMI spent more than $3 billion on the development of new products to help counteract the decline in conventional cigarette sales,

The company claims that the Iqos – its latest product – could be able to lead to as many as six million smokers in the US to switch to the device.

This is said to be far less harmful than conventional cigarettes and the firm sent more than two million pages of research and clinical studies to the American Food and Drugs Authority to back up its claim.


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