Tips for a Pleasant Meal When you Have Allergies/Intolerances


Many people have allergies or intolerance when it comes to food, so ordering at restaurants or just having a night out can be quite hard. This article is going to help you.

The first key element is communication. Do not feel asham to speak up to the host, from the restaurant, caterer or a birthday party, about your allergies. A printed paper from to The Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) website that comes in multiples languages comes very handy and useful. It is much easier to hand the paper to the restaurant staff than to list out loud; maybe they will not remember everything. Another way to be sure you have strong understanding with the hostility provider is to specify the allergies when you make the reservation and before you order the food. Do not be afraid! The earlier you communicate with them the better for your health.

“I’m still surprised there are guests that won’t tell us about an allergy until something arrives at the table,” said Leslie Lamont, general manager of The Publican in Chicago. “Our sauces and dishes can be pretty complex, so we encourage guests to not be shy. Even if it’s an off-the-beaten path ingredient, like a kiwi allergy.”

Secondly, do not assume the restaurant’s menu. Try checking on the internet before, most restaurants have their menu explained in details on their website. You cannot go somewhere and hope that they have something that works with the allergies or intolerance. Also you can give a call to ask.

However, be more selective in choosing where to eat. The attention that the staff gives you is the main thing when you have allergies. They must have patience and try giving you options for a safe meal. The menu should have included details about the allergens dishes have and which can have them removed. The same thing happens when it come to vegetarians.

“Our systems kind of developed organizationally over the last four to six years. We would get a lot of questions during the menu meeting. The chef and management team realized (the restaurant) needed to get ahead of problems.” Lamont said

Restaurants and staff around the world could improve their work in order to provide a hospitality meal for allergic people. For example, the Chinese-American chain P.F. Chang’s, is giving the customers with allergies a costumed menu, printed from the information customers gave before coming. A good idea would be that the host asks about the allergies themselves right when they greet or on the phone. The business should take part in the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Allergens online course and take a lot or care in the kitchen with the food contact, for examples many vegetarians do not eat anything that came cross meat. The team has to be patience, caring and also a special training may come in handy.


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