The Ebola Outbreak In Congo Won’t Affect the Rest Of The World


Ebola made a comeback in Congo. While this is an issue, it appears that it is not a global one. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, there is a “strong reason to believe that the outbreak can be brought under control.”

The Ebola cases appeared in a rural area in the north-western city Mbandaka. However, experts believe that they are able to keep things under control. They did mention that it is “particularly important there should be no international travel or trade restrictions.”

Living in the Ebola zone

The people who live there managed to go on their lives. They came up with rules that they respect. For example, they do not shake hands anymore.

“I tried to greet a friend by shaking hands, and he said: ‘No, did you forget that Ebola is here?’ They forbid people to greet by using hands, eating animals from the forest, and people are now living with fear,” Ziko Ilema, a teacher in the region, explained.

Additionally, the restaurants and the bars in the area started providing soap and water so that people can wash their hands regularly. This way, the risk is lowered. Additionally, infrared thermometers were installed at the city’s ports to check if travelers have a fever.

However, there are some problems with this method. “But we don’t have enough of the thermometers, so people are crowding up and getting annoyed,” said Joseph Dangbele, an official at the private Menge port.

Ebola cases

So far, there have been 45 cases reported. Out of those, 14 are confirmed, 21 are probable while ten are just suspected. They were presented in Congo’s Equateur province. More than 400 doses of experimental vaccine were sent in Kinshasa by the WHO.


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