The Days Of The Postcode Lottery For Infertility Treatment Might Be Numbered, Favoring Equal Rights For Those Affected


There are a few proposals to end the postcode lottery in infertility treatment that will be put to the House of Commons.

Equal rights for couples struggling with infertility are needed

Steve McCabe, Birmingham MP is the one who wants to change the law so that everybody will have equal rights to get treatment for infertility as they usually would for any other health issues.

McCabe’s desire is to end the current arbitrary and unfair system that allows local health authorities called CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Group) to decide whether to offer treatment or not.

“It can’t be right that IVF treatment is being rationed on the NHS,” he stated.

Here’s how the IVF treatment is being rationed at the moment

This follows the concern that CCGs are depriving some desperate couples of fertility treatments in order to save more money.

The methods include the arbitrary reducing of the age limit at which the treatment stops being available, refusing to provide a full course of therapy and also refusing treatment if one of the partners already has a child from a previous relationship.

There are more various rules that are imposed in different parts of the country.

Legislation is required to provide equal rights for those affected

McCabe is proposing legislation which is known as 10 Minute Rule Bill. Its target is to equalize IVF access all over the country.

He plans to tell the House of Commons that the World Health Organisation recognizes infertility as a disease of the reproductive system which asks for specialized treatment.

The National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE) stated that potential parents must be offered three full cycles of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in most of the cases.

For the moment the chance for someone to receive treatment depend on where they live, on previous relationships and the couple’s age.

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