Sugary Drinks And Fruit Juices Might Boost Cancer Risks


A new study claims that the daily consumption of a glass of sugary drinks can increase cancer risks, according to data collected from several 10,000 adults. Fizzy drinks have been criticized quite often in the past, and recent public health initiatives aim to reduce consumption across the world. The researchers were quite surprised when they observed that fruit juices could also be dangerous in the long run.

The study notes that a daily serving of 200ml or less of an artificially-sweetened drink or a fruit juice will increase the risk of developing any type of cancer by 18 percent. The rate is a bit higher in the case of breast cancer, at 22%.

While the results may be a bit alarming, the experts underlined the fact that the paper explores an association and they can guarantee that the refreshments are harmful. During the study, the scientists observed data collected from approximately 101,00 people who were found over up to five years. Almost 79% of the participants were women, while the others were men.

Sugary drinks and fruit juices can increase cancer risks

The main topic was the consumption of over 3,000 foods and beverages over periods of six months. Each participant filled and submitted 24-hour dietary questionnaires from time to time. It was observed that the average person would consume an approximate amount of 93ml of sugary drinks or pure fruit juice each day.

Every 100ml above the previous threshold boosted the risk of developing any type of cancer by 18% while breast cancer risks increased by 22%. Those who drank at least 300ml of sugary drinks each day featured a higher risk of developing cancer by 30%. In the case of breast cancer among women, the risk increased by 37%.

In some cases, obesity may have contributed to the risk, but the study mentions that even slim people faced higher risks if they consumed sugary drinks or fruit juice. The paper was published in a medical journal.


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