Smoking Stops The Body From Fighting Cancer, Makes It Less Likely To Survive


The latest discovery could trigger more awareness of the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

It seems that this unhealthy habit stops the human body from fighting deadly skin cancer, says the latest research.

Smokers’ immune system is much weaker

It looks like smokers, and former smokers are 40% less likely to survive the disease ten years after they have received the diagnosis compared to people who have never smoked.

There’s a strong connection between smoking and the body’s response to melanoma which is most commonly caused by the exposure to the sun. But this connection has not been previously found, says The Daily Mail.

The immune response of smokers seems to still work, but it’s definitely less effective, according to the researchers from the University of Leeds.

They highlighted the importance of people ditching this very unhealthy habit, especially if they are fighting skin cancer.

Professor Julia Newton-Bishop, lead author of the Cancer Research UK-funded study, said: “The immune system is like an orchestra, with multiple pieces. This research suggests that smoking might disrupt how it works together in tune, allowing the musicians to continue playing but possibly in a more disorganized way.”

The study analyzed data from 700 patients with melanoma

The Daily Mail writes “The study used data from more than 700 patients with melanoma, which takes the lives of 2,000 in the UK every year, and 9,000 in the US. The research, published in the journal Cancer Research, found that people who have smoked have a 40 percent lower survival rate.”

People who have a history of smoking have been found to be exposed at a higher risk of dying due to melanoma. It seems that they don’t even have to be smokers at the time of their illness.

It is not yet known how many cigarettes can impact a person’s health so much.


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