Slash Your Heart Attack Risk By 33% Eating This Snack


It seems that people can diminish the risks of having a heart attack by as much as 33% by eating a daily handful of pistachios nuts or cashew.

These can slash the risks for people with diabetes to have a heart attack or stroke by a third, according to new research presented by the Daily Mail.

Cardiovascular disease aka CVD is currently the leading cause of illness and mortality in people who have a common metabolic disorder.

Eat nuts to protect your health 

According to a new study, it seems that patients who have been eating an ounce of the snack food five days a week, were 34% and 17%  less likely to die from developing the severe health conditions.

This means about seven walnuts or 24 almonds compared to the people who ate the snack only once a month for instance, very rarely in other words.

The research found that Tree nuts – which also include pine nuts, pecans, macadamias, and hazelnuts – were the most protective.

The study has proven that regular nut consumption also reduced the risk of coronary heart disease such as hardening of the arteries by 20 percent – and dying from any cause by 31 percent.

It’s never too late to improve your diet and lifestyle 

Lead author Dr. Gang Liu, a nutritional scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, had this to say as reported by the Daily Mail: “Our findings provide new evidence that supports the recommendation of including nuts in healthy dietary patterns for the prevention of cardiovascular disease complications and premature deaths among individuals with diabetes.”

Another essential conclusion of the research was that adding nuts to your diet turned out to be extremely beneficial at any age or diabetes stage.

Dr. Liu said: ‘It never seems too late to improve diet and lifestyle after diagnosis among individuals with type 2 diabetes.’


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