Scientists have Discovered how to Fix Alzheimer’s Gene


Alzheimer is a tough disease. More and more people are diagnosed with it every day and so far, no cure was known for it. However, we are living in the big breakthroughs era, therefore nothing is impossible and ”if you can dream about it you can do it”.

An amazing group of scientists has managed to discover the signs that can show if a person is threatened by genetic risks of developing Alzheimer. They have concluded that the human brain cells bear the disease’s mark. Also, they managed to correct that gene and erase its’ damaging effect.

What is their solution

The gene responsible for developing Alzheimer’s is called Apolipoprotein (APOE) and researchers have studied it very deep lately. This is how managed to find out that it has a variant called APOE4 that raises the Alzheimer’s risk up to two or three times.

E4 is the one that causes the most damage to the brain because it increases the level of toxic beta amyloid from the human system. After discovering the gene, researchers worked on finding out which are the reasons behind its’ mutation and how they can prevent the Alzheimer from developing.

Moving on, they examined APOE4’s effect on the human brain cells. They discovered that the protein from APOE4 has an abnormal form and because of this, it cannot function properly. The “pathogenic conformation” leads to a series of problems that cause Alzheimer’s disease.

In order to prevent it, the team of scientists wanted to find ways for fixing APOE4 gene. They applied a so-called “structure corrector” which had been developed before. Once it was there, the flaws were corrected, the signs of disease were eliminated and the cell’s normal functions were restored. In conclusion, the cells received the chance to live more.

Now researchers are sure that their findings are a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


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