Researchers Find Innovative Method of Stopping Cancer From Multiplying


Finding ways of stopping cancer is one of humanity’s biggest tasks and a team of researchers is making huge progress towards that goal. The researchers discovered a new way of stopping cancer cells from multiplying out of control which is going to help block tumors from spreading and growing even further.

The Scripps Research Institute

The new study has been performed by the Scripps Research Institute and the results they had will provide an innovative method of screening potential cancer drugs. The reason we are saying this method is innovative is that it uses minuscule three-dimensional ball aggregates of cells which are called spheroids.


These spheroids measure in at 100 to 600 microns in diameter which is as thick as a few sheets of paper put together. The new and innovative method uses the spheroids in order to interrogate thousands of compounds at a fast rate which is known as “high throughput screening”. Moreover, the team of researchers actually managed to identify a potential cancer drug.

“What’s important about this research is that we’re able to do studies using a form of cancer cells that are more physiologically relevant and better recapitulates how these cells appear in the body” stated Timothy Spicer who is one of the study’s author.

“Until now, most of the research to screen for cancer drugs has used cells that are growing flat on a plate. With these 3-D spheroids, we emulate much more closely what’s found in living tissues.” Added Louis Scampavia who is also an author of the study.

Focusing on KRAS

The researchers decided to focus their study on KRAS. KRAS is a cancer-driving protein that is related to the RAS gene family which shows up in one in three of all types of cancer. Some of the most popular cancers where KRAS can be found are lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer.


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