Popular Meals Changed, Due To Government Anti-Obesity Plan: Pizzas Must Shrink Or Lose Their Toppings


It seems that according to the Government’s anti-obesity plans which involve cutting down on calories from thousands of meals in both supermarkets and restaurants, pizza has to lose its topping or shrink.

Sandwiches, pies and ready meals will be subject to the same new proposed calorie limits trying to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis.

The Telegraph notes that “Under the draft proposals, a standard pizza for one should contain no more than 928 calories – far less than many sold by takeaways, restaurants, and shops.  And the recommendations suggest that a savory pie should contain no more than 695 calories.”

Public Health England also said that some really drastic measures have to be taken in order to combat the epidemy of obesity in England.

The plans involve recommended limits on thousands of regulatory consumed meals which include cooking sauces, soups, burgers, and processed meats.

This change comes right after the new figures regarding the obesity epidemic are becoming more and more frightening. The rates of severe obesity among kids have risen more than a third in about a decade.

The Telegraph also notes that more than one in five pupils by the time they leave primary school are classed as severely obese. These include about 24,000 kids.

Children’s health is threatened

Dr. Alison Tedstone, a PHE chief nutritionist, stated that the threat to children’s health had been “decades in the making.”

Just recently officials met with retailers, manufacturers, including Dominos’s pizza, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Macdonalds and KFC to discuss the proposed cutting on calories from the foods.

These measures are part of a plan that involves reducing calories in daily foods by 20%.

Here’s what Dr. Tedstone told The Telegraph: “It could mean less meat on a pizza, it could mean less cheese, it could mean a smaller size. Consumers are saying they want smaller portions and healthier options.”


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