Pakistan: A Polio Vaccination Campaign Starts Today


As per the central government, a sum of 23.8 million youngsters under five years old are going to be targeted in the immunization campaign, incorporating 7.8 million in Punjab, 8.17 million in Sindh, 4.46 million in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1.98 million in Balochistan, 1.04 million in FATA, and 0.33 million kids in Islamabad.

A sum of 161,000 health specialists will endeavor to accomplish targets crosswise over Pakistan incorporating 16,673 region in-charges, 4,561 union board medicinal officers, 122,432 mobile groups, 5,728 settled groups and 8,044 travel colleagues.

More than 4,000 families reject polio vaccines in Punjab because of a viral video

Security offices in the nations have guaranteed their help for the polio groups and will work towards giving a good and safe environment.

Pakistan is one of just three nations on the planet, alongside Afghanistan and Nigeria, that experiences endemic polio, a youth infection that can cause loss of motion or even death.

The nation has been combating polio for as far back as several years and is near totally destroying the devastating illness.

The number of cases has decreased from 306 from the year 2014 to 54 from the year 2015, 20 from the year 2016 and 8 from 2017.

In 2018, just a single polio case has so far been accounted for from Dukki, Balochistan.
A month ago, more than 4,000 families declined to take their kids to a control and give them polio drops amid a progressing immunization drive in Punjab.

About the video

The health department authorities had said that the refusals, beginning from 5 regions of the province, originated from the anti-vaccine video being spread via the internet.

In February, a fake video which talked about deaths which were caused by the polio vaccine had turned into a web sensation and had prompted refusal cases in Rawalpindi.

As per the administration, 5 out of 8 kids were paralysed by the poliovirus in 2017. They originated from families which denied vaccination because of confusions.


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