Opioid Toxicity is the Most Common Issue met in the Thunder Bay Emergency Room


It’s been stated that the Opioid use and impact shows a supervised consumption sites plan

This report talks about the number of people which are continuously harmed by the use of opioids, usually in excess. According to the healthcare system, the use of opioids is higher in Thunder Bay’s district and it’s the only place in Ontario with such rates.

The report was released on Monday by the Thunder Bay Drug Strategy, together with and the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and it shows the first time that these 2 have collaborated to gather information regarding such topics. They also show that the rate of the hospital visits for opioid toxicity is almost double the provincial average, as said by Cynthia Olsen, who is a drug strategy organizer.

The report is from 2016 and has studied 53 emergency visits for opioid toxicity for each one of 100,000 people from the Thunder Bay district, in contrast with 32 emergency visits for 100,000 disclosed as an average for Ontario.

Methadone to be the detected opioid in deaths

Also, in the Thunder Bay district, it seems that methadone is the common opioid, which is found in the overdose from which people die. But for the rest of Ontario – fentanyl.

However, this thing doesn’t show if people received methadone during their treatment and it certainly doesn’t show if it was the cause, or if it even was illicitly-obtained methadone. But it does show is if it was a contributing factor.

The report also shows that the Thunder Bay district has the highest amount of residents, who are the reason why the patients got methadone or buprenorphine-naloxone in Ontario in the first place.


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