Opioid Crisis Is Killing More Than 11 Canadians On A Daily Basis


The opioid crisis seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Latest research shows that more than 11 Canadians are dying every day because of opioids. “The crisis is not abating,” Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, said in an interview on Tuesday after the sad results were made public by the federal government.

Canada is the world’s second highest per-capita consumer of opioids, after the United States and this has led to widespread misuse, addiction, and dependence.

Statistics are worrying 

The report that was released on Tuesday from a special federal advisory committee shows that 1,036 people have died between January and March from causes that are related to opioid use, but the cause is mainly overdose.

This brings the total number to over 8,000 since the start of 2016. Most of the deaths have been unintentional according to the data.

It’s also highly relevant to note that the powerful painkiller fentanyl has been involved in more than 70% of the deaths, according to the reporter.

The rate of death is up 5% from the same period in 2017 and 44% compared to the same time back in 2016.

Western provinces have been the ones which were hit the hardest, but experts note that regions such as Ontario are unfortunately catching up.

From January to March, B.C. had 371 deaths, Alberta 195 and Saskatchewan 12. Ontario had 287 deaths, Quebec had 82, New Brunswick had five, Nova Scotia had 16 and Newfoundland, and Labrador had four. PEI had no deaths, and data were not available for Manitoba, according to the report.

Closing words

There’s a high need for a fundamental change in perceptions because poverty and homelessness are among the leading causes of the opioid crisis. Unfortunately, many Canadians don’t see its effects, and focusing on these issues, rather than on the drug use itself, would help a lot to fight this terrible crisis.


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