New Mental Health and Addictions Model Launched in British Columbia


In order to address mental health and addiction issues, a new model was launched by the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy. The first step is the launch of an overdose prevention and rapid access clinic dedicated at St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

While the model may not be suitable for all communities, it offers and an essential package of services, all in one convenient location. Local teams were dispatched in each community in order to evaluate where the most problems are and prioritize resources and manpower.

Based on an initiative started in October 2017, the government launched has published a report named ‘’What We Heard about Poverty in B.C. ‘’, based on input from the population through public surveys. It is estimated that several thousands of people participated, sharing their ideas and opinions on how to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in the province. Among the responders, many were actually living in poverty and were able to accurately describe the problems that they confront every day.

Many of those who struggle with poverty are also addicts. Having lost their jobs due to the bad habit, they cannot afford the expensive medical treatment they need, let alone costly rehab services. Some are also on the brink of becoming homeless, as they cannot pay the mortgages, and the banks have already initiated a foreclosure.

If successful, the centers will be able to help many addicts in need, offering the much-needed treatment that may help them to become clean.  The lack of affordable living spaces is also an important topic for the government, as it directly contributes to the addiction situations. It is commonly known that poor addicts tend to share living spaces, often in a miserable condition, in order to be able to buy the next dose.


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