New Children Lyme Cases Discovered in Ontario, Nova Scotia


A recent study revealed that 81 percent of Lyme disease cases that involved little children were present in Ontario and Nova Scotia. The research was made for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program. These results revealed that Lyme cases are hardly identified when it comes to children.

The principal investigator for this research was Joanne Langley. She is a Halifax-based infectious disease specialist. According to her, since tick populations increase, so will Lyme cases. The most vulnerable regions remain Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, southern Ontario and Manitoba.

Worrisome results

This research studies 96 different cases where patients were younger than 16. The study took place between July 2014 and June 2017. 56 cases were caught at a later stage, which can be explained by the fact that consultant pediatricians usually see the later stages.

Only 25 cases were discovered at an initial stage, where there is just a small rash surrounding the tick bite. 15 other cases were found at the second stage where the infection already spread to other parts of the body.

“It does seem to be creeping up in frequency. That tells me that we need to be sure that clinicians know how to recognize Lyme disease and that the general public knows how to prevent it where possible,” said Langley who is an infectious disease specialist at IWK Health Centre and a pediatric professor at Dalhousie University.

It appears that there are more and more reported cases “”and that’s partly due to better recognition, increased testing and also we think that the disease is spreading over a wider geographic range in Canada, thought to be likely due to changing climate.” According to Langley, there will be even more cases in the future. Ontario was the most affected region, and 37 out of 40 cases came from that city.


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