Medical Institutions get Directions from China to Stop using Huahai Drugs


China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a warning, posted on their official website, that the reviewed medicate, ordinarily used to treat patients with hypertension, ought not to be utilized for the conclusion and treatment of other diseases.

The heart medicines and valsartan made by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical should not be used by institutions, because a study made by China’s wellbeing controller showed that they may increase the risk of cancer.

The producer declared this month that they already withdrew from the market the drug in the United States, after was found that contained impurities linked to cancer.

The problems may have occurred after some changes were introduced in the manufacturing process in 2012, hinting that numerous patients could have been exposed to have cancer.

The drug has already been taking out from the United States and China by Huahai.

There were also six nearby organizations that utilized valsartan made by Huahai, and five of them had items available and have issued recalls.

Hunan had not yet withdrawn the products. Also, Huahai has ensured that other products do not contain the impurity known as N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a carcinogen substance, and that they will prevent any of similar accidents to happen.


On the off chance that you are treated with one of the influenced items on the above, you should contact your specialist as quickly as time permits so you can change to another drug. You ought not to stop treatment without first having conversed with a specialist.

Just some valsartan-containing meds are being reviewed, not all valsartan-containing drugs. On the off chance that your drug isn’t on the above rundown, your medication isn’t reviewed, and you should proceed with your treatment as typical.


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