Keeping Your Eyes And Ears Healthy Can Slow Down Cognitive Decline, Maintaining Your Brain Sharper


Research claims that by the age of 40, 1 in 10 adults experiences some hearing loss, but this happens so slowly and gradually that you don’t even realize it.

It seems that by the time someone realizes that they have a hearing issue, age-related memory loss may have already appeared.

But don’t worry, because there’s also good news. It looks like restoring hearing with hearing aids might slow down this cognitive decline.

Hearing aids can help the brain 

Analysts had tracked down about 2,000 older adults in the US both before and after they started using hearing aids.

The adults were participants in a significant, national study called the Health and Retirement Study.

“We found the rate of cognitive decline was slowed by 75 percent following the adoption of hearing aids,” says Asri Maharani, a researcher at the University of Manchester and an author of the paper.

“It is a surprising result,” Maharani says. The study was published this spring in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

The results showed that when people get hearing aids, they are giving back their ears what they have been missing and this will also give the brain what it needs in order to make sense of what you are hearing.

People who suffer from hearing loss might decline faster than those with a normal hearing due to the failure of social stimulation.

Restoring vision can also slow down cognitive decline

Latest evidence also shows that restoring vision by having cataract surgery can also slow down cognitive decline.

A companion study carried out by the same researchers and published in the journal PLOS One this month evaluated the outcomes of about 2,000 older adults who had cataract surgery.

Just the same way in which good hearing can help your brain,  restoring good vision can’t eliminate cognitive decline, but this study suggests it can significantly slow the process.


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