Is Editing Human Embryos Moral? Nuffield Council Response


Is Editing Human Embryos Moral Nuffield Council Response

An investigation into the moral issues regarding editing a human embryo in terms of genetics has found that there is no reason why we shouldn’t do it.

In any case, proper measures must be set up before it actually becomes a UK law, as said by the report. The report also calls for additionally studies about both social and medical matter.

As professor Karen Yeung stated, these suggestions for society are broad, significant and long-term.  This whole thing, utilizing a genome editing in embryos to change the DNA is forbidden in the UK. However, when it comes to research, it is acceptable. Meaning that researchers can edit the genes on rejected IVF embryos with one condition: they need to destroy it immediately after the process.

Heritable genome editing can help in getting rid of genetic illnesses from certain families – they do it by removing or changing the problematic code from embryos. They could do it for the eggs or sperm, too.

What has the Nuffield Council to say about this?

Doctor David King, who’s the Director of Human Genetics Alert made a statement in which he said that this whole thing is a disgrace since they have international prohibitions on eugenic genetic engineering – and it’s been this way for 30 years. He thinks that the process would bring no medical benefit at all. He also stated that the Nuffield Council doesn’t even think about saying no to “designed babies” as it’s not going to happen.

Nuffield Council came to a conclusion, and that is regarding any invention, that should always be guided by two principles: the wellbeing of the future person and the wellbeing of society. The process of editing the DNA should not be a cause of disadvantage, discrimination or separation in a society.

As an outcome, the Council has asked for a social debate, in which the opinion of people must be heard.


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