Investigation in Toronto about Reused Lancets in Blood Donors


It looks like there is trouble brewing in Toronto. Last week, during a health fair in Scarborough a pharmacy that was doing a free blood glucose level test has come under fire for using the same lancets on multiple patients. We do not have to mention the fact that this is not only unsanitary but it could spread blood disease from one donor to another.

When did this happen?

The Vision institute Foundation organized this fair on the 25th of March in the Scarborough Recreation Center. The main goal of this fair was to provide medical support for the Bangladeshi community that lives in Canada.

The moment where people noticed that something was wrong was when a woman came to Shahid Khandker, the president of the foundation, to tell her that she saw a woman use the same lancet that she used on her when she got her blood tested now used on her daughter. The woman took immediate action by asking the pharmacy to close then calling EMS which later on notified Toronto Public Health.

The pharmacy is not denying that this may have happened. If it did, it was an honest mistake. One of the pharmacist that worked there said that such a thing may have happened since there are a lot of people that are coming in to get their blood tested. However, it is very unhealthy to use the same lancet on two people so he hopes that this was a one-time incident.

Most people know that diseases that can be transmitted through blood are Hepatitis B and C, malaria and HIV, among others. However, people should rest assured knowing that the risk of contracting these diseases through a re-used lancet is very small.

Regardless of this it seems pretty likely that this particular pharmacy won’t be coming back next year to the fair.


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