Inflammatory Diet Is The Leading Cause Of Colon Cancer


A team of researchers from several organizations, including the Molecular Mechanisms and Experimental Therapy in Oncology program from the Bellivitge Biomedical Research Institute and the Catalan Institute of Oncology elaborated a new paper which explores the connections between an inflammatory diet and antioxidant diets and a higher risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer.

An inflammatory diet is defined by the consumption of a generous amount of red or heavily-processed meats, trans and saturated fats, and refined carbohydrates. The context is considerably different in the case of an antioxidant title which focuses on vegetables, legumes, nuts, and fruits.

The study surveyed the role of the two diets and how their inflammatory and oxidative traits interacted and influenced the development of the two types of cancer which were mentioned previously.

An inflammatory diet is the leading cause of colon cancer

The data obtained during the study inferred that a pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant diet might increase the risk of colon cancer. However, it is quite easy to adjust a diet planet in most cases. Those who wish to pursue a diet planet should follow the recommendations offered by the professionals instead of chasing the latest trends.

For example, the Mediterranean diet which includes a large number of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats, is an excellent alternative for a great lifestyle without implying the artifices of other diet plans, which promise spectacular results but don’t work in the long run.

A large number of health problems can appear from following a diet plan which may seem right for you at first while failing to provide the required nutrients which keep the body function on a day to day basis. Other, more severe health problems could appear over time. The paper mentions that it is essential to develop strong educational strategies which should play a substantial role in the future. These strategies should be created by nutrition and health experts to offer advice which can be followed by the general population.


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