Hookah Smoking Is Not Healthier Than Traditional Cigarette Smoking – It Triggers High Cardiovascular Risks


This comes as a direct contradiction with all the marketing efforts claiming that hookah (water pipe) smoking is safe for your health or at least less risky for your body compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

The new UCLA study was published in the American Journal of Cardiology and found that just a half-hour of hookah smoking can result in the development of cardiovascular risk factors similar to the ones triggered by cigarettes.

During the study, researchers measured heart rate, arterial stiffness, blood pressure, blood nicotine and exhaled carbon monoxide levels in 48 healthy young smokers of hookah after 30 minutes of smoking.

Results show similar effects with traditional smoking

The results may be surprising for some of our readers as they show that a single session of hookah smoking managed to increase the heart rate with 16 beats per minute and blood pressure as well.

It also highly increased arterial stiffness which is a significant factor in the development of various cardiovascular conditions that include stroke and heart attack.

The increase in arterial stiffness was similar to the data collected in traditional cigarette smokers after smoking one cigarette.

“Our findings are challenging the concept that fruit-flavored hookah tobacco smoking is a healthier tobacco alternative. It is not,” stated Mary Rezk-Hanna, an assistant professor at the UCLA School of Nursing and lead author of the study mentioned above.

This study is believed to be the first one ever to investigate the effects of hookah smoking on the stiffening of the arteries.

More research and studies have shown that as cigarette use continues to decline, hookah smoking is unfortunately rising, and this happens especially among young people.

“We know that flavored tobacco products are frequently the first kind of tobacco product used by youth,” Rezk-Hanna said.

“One of the major issues with hookah is the fact that the tobacco is flavored with fruit, candy and alcohol flavors, making hookah the most popular flavored tobacco product among this audience,” she concluded.


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