Get Your Summer Body Ready With These Tips


Daylight is here to sparkle through the late evenings and with spring coming after such a long winter, we’re happy to look forward to summer.

But are our bodies ready for summer? It’s not too late, don’t panic, we can still prepare to lose some weight and make the fat loss a sustainable process of getting to a healthier shape.

A good health comes with a healthy lifestyle. And that includes eating healthy, doing exercise and living a happy life. Let’s see what we can do to get a lean body for summer.

Reduce or Say Goodbye to Processed Foods

The first step to a healthy body is eating healthy. That means we should lower the intake of processed foods. Replace them with whole foods!

Each meal should also contain proteins which help burn off more calories than fats and carbs. Proteins also control the appetite and suppress the cravings for sugar. Rich protein foods are eggs, chicken, fish, and meat.

Control Your Portions

Counting calories is a difficult task. But you can use a different proportion to help you eat healthier. Use your hand as a measurement tool: a palm size portion should be for protein, a thumb size portion is for healthy fats and a cupped size portion of carbs. As for veggies, you can eat an unlimited amount! That’s the portion measurement for women. For men, it’s double.

You’ll soon see for yourself if you need to adjust the portions a little.

Resistance Training

Weightlifting and using your own body as a weight has been proven that it’s the best way to get a lean body. Moreover, it improves hormone health, sensitivity to insulin and revs up the metabolism. So, go hit the gym and watch as your body gets fit!

Nobody is Perfect!

You can’t be 100% perfect all the time, so you can eat in moderation. If you follow a schedule of 3 meals per day, all of the 7 days in a week, that means you eat 21 meals in a week. You can’t always follow strict diets with whole foods or no processed foods. You can have your cheat meal twice or three times per week. It helps you build a healthy long-term lifestyle and keep the cravings at a minimum.


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