Diet Influences Cellular Aging In Women, A New Study Revealed


Researchers from the University of Michigan (UM) carried out a new study to estimate how diet influences cellular aging in women. The results showed that a healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, and whole grain would lead to healthy cellular aging in females.

Unhealthy dietary habits cause faster and reckless cellular aging

The burden of many women around the world lies in aging and, consequently, in wrinkles and dryness of the skin, features related to this natural process. However, the scientists have found out for some time now that we, both women and men, can age beautifully, but it depends on our dietary habits, primarily.

As the scientists from the University of Michigan concluded in their new research, unhealthy dietary habits cause faster and reckless cellular aging. In other words, women who are carrying about their appearance when they will start aging should not consume added sugar, high amounts of salt, or processed meat, under any circumstances.

Diet influences cellular aging, so a healthy diet means healthy aging

Researchers at the University of Michigan decided to find out to what extent our dietary habits can affect the aging process. To achieve that, the scientists sampled approximately 5,000 healthy adults and assessed their healthy dietary habits and level of cellular aging.

They based their investigation on four critical nutritional quality signs, such as the Mediterranean diet, the Dahs diet, and two diet quality measurements designed by Harvard University and, respectively by the US Department of Agriculture. On the other hands, the UM specialists used telomere length to estimate the cellular aging levels.

In conclusion, the researchers said that diet influences cellular aging. Accordingly, a healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, and whole grain translates into healthy cellular aging. On the other hand, unhealthy dietary habits, characterized by high consumption of sugar, processed meat, and salt, lead to a faster and reckless aging process.


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