Canadians Don’t Know Enough About Food Safety, Says Recent Survey – New Regulations Are Set For 2019


It’s time to learn more about food and potential risks. It seems that Canadians are becoming less aware of how to handle and prepare food safely in order to avoid illness and food poisoning, says a research backed by the government.

The report cost the government $126,449, and the findings pointed to an overall deterioration over the past 8 years in Canadian’s confidence that they are able to protect themselves and their families from illness and food poisoning.

There’s a majority of seniors and pregnant women in the survey who did not consider themselves to be at any higher risk from food poisoning even though they are.

The pollsters recommend the government to target public awareness campaigns at such groups, among others in order to teach them about how to properly handle food “without undermining the public’s confidence in agriculture or the agri-food industry, or Canada’s food safety system, which is reasonably good.”

The results of the survey are based on the responses coming from 1,201 respondents via telephone interviews, and 1,613 people via an online panel.

All the work was conducted between December 14, 2017, and January 18, 2018.

The regulations will come into force in 2019

A spokesman from Health Canada said that the dept. will update its safe food handling ad campaign based on the results provided by this research as data coming from other sources as well.

It’s also important to note that the Liberals have introduced new food safety rules in June just a few weeks after the research’s results were delivered to Health Canada.

The regulations are set to come into force early in 2019, and they will require companies to keep detailed records regarding the path that’s taken by food from producers to consumers.

Every year, about 1 in 8 Canadians are affected by a food-borne illness such as listeria, salmonella, norovirus and more and this leads to about 11,500 hospitalization cases and 240 deaths as well. That’s why it is crucial that measures are taken as soon as possible.


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