Canada Raises A Red Flag, More Organ Donors Are Urgently Needed


This reminder came at a very difficult time for Canadians, after the Humboldt Broncos bus that crashed in which 15 people died and 14 other people were seriously injured. Logan Boulet, a victim of the crash, has decided to donate his organs which will help to save six people. His family clearly that this decision not influenced at all as he decided to register for a donor’s card back when he was 21.

Spike in donor card registrations

Surprisingly enough, this Saturday organ donation agencies all over Canada have recorded an increase in the number of people that decided to register to get their organ donor card. This increase is up to four times the number of people that would normally come to register for a donor card, a move probably influenced by the recent tragedy.

How to get your own donor card

If you are interested to get your own donor card then you should first look up your province online and see the registration steps or you can just go in person to an organ donation service located near you and complete their registration form. One’s organs can help to save the lives of up to eight people. Moreover, even tissues coming from your eyes, your bones, and even your heart valves can be used to save someone’s life. Usually, these are used in the cases of children that are born with congenital diseases.

Even if you already suffer from a disease or you think that you are too old to donate, you are wrong. The oldest tissue that was donated came from someone that was over 100 years old and the oldest organ that was donated came from someone that was over 90 years of age. As long as it works in optimal condition, the age of the organ does not play that much of a part of the donation process, most of the time.


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