British Columbia Warns People Of A Norovirus Possible Outbreak


The norovirus has been linked to the consumption of raw oysters so health officials from British Columbia have decided to shut down two oyster farms for an investigation into this matter. This is not the first time that health officials have had to close down farms in order to ensure the safety of their citizens but this time they had to act even faster in order to stop more people from catching this virus.

What is going on?

Well, the British Columbia Center for Disease Control has stated that there have already been almost 40 cases recorded of people that suffer from stomach pains. All these people said that they started to feel these pains after eating raw oysters coming from British Columbia.

Their suspicions have turned up to be the truth when laboratory testing found out that the norovirus was present in some of the cases that have been recorded. So far health officials have not been able to come up with the culprit that caused this virus to infect so many people. However, they speculate that this infection might have been caused by human waste being present in the water with the oysters.

This virus outbreak led to the closing of around 13 oyster farms until this issue is resolved. The outbreak of this virus has been declared to be over in April of last year. From what researchers uncovered, it looks like the outbreak was caused by sewage that spread around due to sea currents. The biotoxins and viruses present in this sewage have been seen to survive even the lowest ocean temperatures in the area.

Health officials recommend that you cook the oysters before you eat them in order to avoid any possible contamination with this virus. Boiling water has been known to kill any dangerous pathogens when preparing food.


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