Brain Games Don’t Make Us Smarter, Latest Research Says


Unfortunately, researchers at Western University have found no evidence that brain games provide any brain enhancements. So, brain games which are specially designed to make us smarter, don’t manage to do it.

This is an interesting result after a brand new study performed by a team of neuroscientists at Wester University.

The study analyzed brain training applications that have been massively promoted as a fantastic influence on our brain, including whether they can improve working memory or provide any cognitive benefits. The results are basically negative.

“There’s no evidence that there is [any cognitive benefit],” claims Bobby Stojanoski, a research scientist in the Owen Lab at the university’s Brain and Mind Institute and lead author of the paper.

“Despite all of our efforts to find some evidence that brain training could make you smarter, we couldn’t find any,” he continues.

Stojanoski doesn’t have any problem with people playing the so-called brain training games, but he really wants to highlight something important: “But, don’t expect the game to make you smarter.”

Diet and exercise do help

On the other hand, he also provides some solutions that can indeed be helpful for enhancing our brain’s capabilities.

He has some suggestions for people trying to work out with their brains.

“A lot of new research shows things like exercise, a healthy diet and socializing with friends all help improve and maintain your cognitive health,” he explained.

He continued and explained that it’s also highly important to get enough sleep in order to provide our brains the opportunity to rest and renew its cells.

All these tips that he provides even if they don’t seem mind shattering and they are not a lot, will be able not only to improve our cognitive health but also to delay the cognitive decline such as dementia that may come as we get older.


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