Artificial Ovary to Give Women a Chance to Conceive After Chemo


An “artificial ovary” was made with the help of doctors from human tissue and eggs. They wanted to help women around the world to be able to have children after they had to endure chemotherapy and any other treatment for cancer that can harm the female fertility.

With the artificial ovary, the human egg can stay alive for weeks

The team is from Copenhagen. They’ve shown that the ovary, which was made in a lab, is able to keep the human eggs alive for weeks. This could be the great future in which cancer patients are able to carry babies to term after being through radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

It can also help women with early menopause

There are also implanted artificial ovaries, that can help women with a diagnosis, such as multiple sclerosis or with the blood disorder beta thalassemia, which usually require therapies which are aggressive and which can harm fertility. Women who go through early menopause can also benefit from it.

Women who have cancer, will probably get the ovarian tissue removed and frozen before getting to the stage where they need to do the treatments which will harm their fertility. When they’re cancer-free, the tissue will be put right back on, the women can go through the normal process of pregnancy, then birth – they will be able to deliver naturally.

Ovarian and leukemia are not compatible with frozen tissue

Normally, the procedure is safe for most women, however, when it comes to certain types of cancer, like ovarian or leukemia, the ovarian tissue can be invalidated. In English, if the frozen tissue is put back one, then the disease will probably come back. This is the reason why the ovarian tissue freezing in not an option for patients with oravian cancer, or leukemia.


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