AHS Issued Tuberculosis Alert For Calgary School – 81 People Receive Notices For Potential Exposure


Alberta Health Services issued notices during the past week to 81 people who may have been exposed to a confirmed case of tuberculosis in Calgary.

According to AHS, the exposures were contained in one school in Calgary, and there is no risk to the general public.

The tuberculosis case was confirmed in June 

The individual with confirmed tuberculosis has been identified back in June, according to Dr. Davis Strong, medical health officer.

The only people who are considered at risk of potential exposure to the illness are the ones who received the notification letters.

AHS stated that the risk of transmission to the individuals is a low one and this case does not present any more risk to the school.

The TB Services and Communicable Disease Control Teams, together with the Calgary Zone Medical Officer of Health, are currently working to manage the routine follow up screening.

Affected individuals will be treated with antibiotics

“When we get a case of TB identified, we immediately do a followup check trying to identify close contact,” Strong stated.

“Then we can do testing on those close contacts to see if they were possibly affected, and those that are affected we provide treatment for,” Strong continued, then added that any affected individuals are easily treated with antibiotics.

“This is the best time to actually be doing the testing because it takes time for the immune response to happen, so you get a positive skin test result if they were exposed,” said Strong.“So this is the optimal time for the testing to occur.”

In order to protect patient confidentiality, AHS said that there would not be any more details regarding this issue released and the name of the school where the exposure took place is kept secret as well. Anyway, considering that all the necessary notices have been sent, we hope that things work out for the best.


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