A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better


A Study Shows That Babies Who Eat Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better

A study has recently shown that babies who are given solid food and breast milk from the age of three months will sleep better than those babies who are just fed with breast milk.

Of course, let’s not forget the official advice, and that is to breastfeed your child for his six months of life – exclusively. Researchers say that women should still follow this piece of advice.

Solid food is good for babies

The study showed that babies who were feed with solid food had fewer problems with sleeping and mothers had improved their quality of life. 1303 babies of three months old took part in this research, and they were divided into 2 groups. The research took place in London.

The first group was fed only with breast milk for six months, and the second group was fed with solid food, together with the breast milk. The parents were asked to fill surveys each month until the baby was one year, then every three months until the baby was three years old.

It’s been proven that the babies from the second group, who were breastfed and were given solid food have slept for longer and have woken up less frequently – overall, their sleep problems were almost non-existent, in comparison with those babies who were only fed with breast milk. The second group slept for a quarter of an hour longer every night – that’s 2 hours more each week.

Despite the official piece of advice, about 75% of mothers gave solid food to their babies before five months – 26% of the babies were waking up at night frequently because of this reason.

Gideon Lack, who is a professor at King’s College from London said that the outcome of this study showed that giving solid foods to babies really helps them sleep better.


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