A new preventive drug could reduce Alzheimer’s cases by 50%


A team of American researchers is working on an Alzheimer’s vaccine that could dramatically reduce the appearance of new cases in the following years. Positive results have been observed during animal trials.

A similar vaccine is already in development but trials showed that it caused negative side effects in some human patients, with brain swelling as a major downside. The new vaccine has been tested on mice, monkey and rabbits and no major side effects have been observed until now.

It is thought that a different approach when it comes to the administration of the vaccine may be the main reason for the positive results as the researchers decided to inject it directly into the skin cells of the animals. This method didn’t trigger an aggressive response from the immune system.

The researchers stated in a press release that cells which were injected developed a three-molecule segment of beta-amyloid. The body created several antibodies that immediately attacked the cells and prevented further buildup of amyloid, effectively hampering the progression of the disease.

It is estimated that the number of future dementia cases may drop by 50% if the vaccine will become commercially available after successful trials on humans.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative condition that significantly affects memory performance and other cognitive abilities. Patients that are afflicted by the disease may struggle even with simple tasks like remembering a relative or friend.

The disease will progress as years pass and the patient will gradually lose the ability to communicate with other people or even notice what happens around him. No cure is currently available but some treatments may slow down the progress of the disease and improve the life of the patients in the long run.

The same researchers made a breakthrough discovery earlier in 2018 when they identified the exact point at which a tau molecule may become harmful. Further research is being done and trials on human could start in a few years.


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