A Healthy Diet can Prevent Diseases more Efficiently than a Multivitamin Complex


It’s no secret that people who want to be healthy have to live healthy. This includes a proper diet, hydration, exercising, a lot of rest and positive thoughts. Nowadays, it’s hard to follow all these rules, especially if you have a stressful job or some health issues.

In this idea, more and more people are heading towards natural lifestyles and are trying to eat as healthy as possible. Some even think that they can fulfil the lack of vitamins and other necessary elements from their body with various supplements.

However, doctors say that you should be extremely careful when you are taking a multivitamin complex. Sure, they can boost our organism’s immune system and make it stronger, but in some cases these types of supplements are strongly un-recommended

How can vitamins be dangerous?

It might seem strange to hear that artificial vitamins and minerals are dangerous, but it’s true. M.D Keith Roach, who writes a medical questions and answers column in The Times Colonist explains this situation.

When answering to people who are writing and asking him different questions, Dr. Roach advices patients with kidney stones to avoid taking calcium supplements. This would cause the kidney to develop more stones.

On the other hand, if the extra-calcium would come from a healthy diet, blood level and the chemical elements from the patient’s body will remain in normal parameters. Another compound which keeps your kidneys from forming stones is vitamin D, but you should try to assimilate it from food instead of supplements.

A diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as ”clean” food (prepared as natural as possible, without preservatives) can prevent diseases like prostate or ovarian cancer. None the less, if you experience any of their symptoms, like frequent urination, discomfort during the process or bloating you should schedule a meeting with a specialist as soon as possible.


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