A Chinese Company Accused of Forgery in Rabies Vaccine Scandal


After they discovered a rabies vaccine maker that was faking the records, the Chinese commanders are fighting to regain public trust.

Sunday,  Li Keqiang declared that the event of Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd., which is accused of fabricating production and inspection records, “violated a moral bottom line.” He promised to investigate the company and to “resolutely crack down” on breaches that jeopardize public safety.

Chinese parents are usually complaining and worrying about then fake milk, food and medicine in a community that looks like to lack a moral line.

“Defective vaccines are like child abuse and trafficking — it touches on the most sensitive, vulnerable part of the public’s hearts,” said Xi Po for The Paper, a well known online news outlet supported by the Shanghai government.

Even if there were no reports about wounds owed by the rabies vaccine, Chinese parents were angry because the revealing appeared all around social media. A similar case happened two years ago, when the police busted a criminal who was selling millions of false baby vaccines.

China’s second-biggest rabies vaccine maker, Changchun Changsheng, had to stop production and withdraw its rabies vaccine. Few days later, batches of DPT or diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, vaccine were found not right, after 250.000 doses of DPT were sold.

Public mockery intensified when, an unknown author posted a report who revealed that the authorities found everything around November but they said nothing about the findings or they announced a withdraw earlier than July. On Sunday, Chinese leaders have given a reply for the statement.

The media also got involved and China Daily asked for the government to deal with the problem in a “transparent manner”, while the Communist Party-owned Global Times asked the authorities to supervise, pursue people’s security requirements and to control more efficient.


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