The Aboriginal Women’s Survey team is resuming despite a wave of resignations


Following the concerns raised by the wave of resignations on the team of the National Survey of Missing and Deported Aboriginal Women and Girls (ENFFADA), Michèle Audette, one of the five commissioners, There is no need to worry.

On Friday, the announcement of the resignation of the director of ENFFADA Michèle Moreau – the fifth member of the team since February – has strongly reacted the president of Women Native Women of Quebec, Viviane Michel.

Mrs. Michel expressed concern about this sudden departure – motivated by personal reasons – saying that she “lacked many answers to [her] questions”.

“We need to be reassured that everything will go for the best, we know absolutely nothing,” she maintained.

These are the questions we ask ourselves, is the team healthy? Is there a problem because of the pressure [too much] they receive from people, organizations or families? You end up with a lot of question marks.

Viviane Michel, President of Native Women of Quebec

Commissioner Michèle Audette, for her part, maintains that ENFFADA has already found a replacement for director Michèle Moreau and says that a transition process is under way.

“A choice was made with a candidate who will come to work with Ms. Moreau for the transfer of knowledge […]”, she explains.

[We want] to be sure that this departure is done with respect and correctly, but also reassure our staff on the ground and in our various offices that we do not leave space as large as this in an empty chair .

Michèle Audette, Commissioner for ENFFADA

Michèle Audette understands that “a departure can react and bring certain concerns”, but ensures that “strong and effective leadership” has been put in place to mitigate the departures that have occurred in recent months.


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