Service Dog Stolen In Down Town Toronto


Ashley-Victoria Martineau is inconsolable. Her dog, who is both her best friend and her main supporter of her psychological problems, was stolen early Sunday morning. The police are looking for the animal.

” Stealing a service dog is a crime. It’s like stealing the guide dog of a blind person . ” The Toronto Sun expresses all the distress of Ashley-Victoria Martineau after the robbery of her Princess dog .

The female Chihuahua of less than 3 kg is not that faithful friend of this mother of 2 children; She is also her support dog , since she was specially trained to help her deal with her depression and post-traumatic stress disorder . This indicates the importance of this bitch coming from a shelter for the mother of a family residing in Toronto.

On the night of Saturday, July 1 to Sunday, July 2, around 2:00 am, Ashley-Victoria Martineau returned home after watching the fireworks on Canada Day . She then stopped at a McDonald’s to order a meal and tied her bitch in front of the restaurant. On his return, the animal was no longer there.

Alerted, the Police of Toronto began looking for witnesses who could guide it towards the thieves. One person told her she saw the bitch with two people between Ossington Avenue and College Street in the capital of the province of Ontario.

The police will also examine the images video of McDonald’s and sector institutions, hoping to identify the suspects. She also promised that if the thieves handed the bitch to a shelter in the city as soon as possible, they would not be disturbed.

The disappearance of Princess is all the more worrying that she herself needs veterinary care , being asthmatic.


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