Oscar Pistorius Injured In Prison Scrap


Oscar Pistorius injured after altercation in prison over use of a public phone

Oscar Pistorius, one of the most recognizable and vocal figures when it came to advocating for the parolympic movement has reportedly been injured during an altercation in prison.

The double amputee, who is currently serving a 13 year sentence for murdering his girlfriend is said to have got into an altercation with another inmate over the use of a public phone that left him quite bruised.

Unconfirmed reports claim that trouble brewed for Pistorius due to his lengthy use of the public phone.

“Oscar Pistorius sustained a bruise following an alleged incident with another inmate over the use of a public phone in the special care unit where both
offenders are detained at Attridgeville correctional centre,” stated spokesman, Singabakho Nxumalo,.

“The injury is minor but we at the department take incidents like this seriously and want to prevent any altercations,” Nxumalo added.

Right now Pistorius is classified as a low risk inmate but upon an investigation into the incident, if he is found to be the one who started the altercation, he could lose this status and thus lose certain privliges such as the right to use the phone.

Pistorius convicted for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

The former parolympic champion was convicted of killing then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp by shooting her through their bathroom door on Valentine’s Day back in 2013.

Pistorius alleges he did not know that it was Steenkamp in their bathroom, thinking that instead there was an intruder in their house.

Prosecutors allege that the 31 year old former parolympic champion knowingly killed his girlfriend after they had a fierce argument.

He was originally convicted of culpable homicide, which would have seen him spend six years in prison however the Aappeal Court upgraded his conviction to murder last month which doubles his sentence.

Steenkamp’s sister Ms Cowburn broke down upon hearing the news that her sisters’ murderer would be spending more time in jale: “Oh my God… is this true?

But it is what he deserved. He took my sister’s life and he should get life in prison.

This isn’t going to bring Reeva back. Nothing will, but he needs to understand what he has done.”

Nobody except Oscar knows what happened that night. But we know the last three bullets were meant to kill her and for that he needs to serve a long time in jail.”

A spokesman for the family stated: “This is an emotional thing for them. They just feel that their trust in the justice system has been confirmed this morning.”

Pistorius family upset with new sentence

Oscar’s family were obviously very disappointed with the overrule of the initial sentence given to Oscar.

Speaking with MailOnline, Oscar’s father stated he was in shock over the decision to double Oscar’s sentence.

“I am unbelievably surprised, disillusioned and very disappointed. There are many influences and role players in the execution of our South African law, which makes the country progressively more unpredictable and dangerous,” he said in a phone call.

His brother Carl tweeted: ”Shattered. Heartbroken. Gutted.”

Even the Appeal Court who overturned the original sentence handed to the 31 year old was very harsh in their new ruling, stating that Oscar showed no remorse throughout the trial, and that the original judge who presided over his trial trivialised” the seriousness of Pistorius’ crime.

The original verdict handed down by Judge Thokozile Masipa, was not guilty, but upon appeal, the Appeal Court overruled the decision.

Oscar is currently being detained at Atteridgeville Correctional Facility, however he will be moved in the near future as rules dictate that only prisoners with six years or less can be held there.

He will be moved to Kgosi Mampuru II jail, a maximum security facility, one that he has spent time in before.

Oscar Pistorius lead the way once upon a time for the parolympic movement

Pistorius, was the most recognizable figure when it came to the parolympic movement, winning gold at the Parolympic Games in the 400 meters in London 2012.

He also competed against able-bodied athletes, and more than held his own, running on a pair of carbon blades.

His dream was to represent South Africa at the Olympic Games, which would make him the first ever double amputee to do so.

Source: TheDailyMail.


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