Canada Drops The Ball On Its War Vets


Canadian war vets injured in the line of duty will not be entitled to life long disability compensation after the B.C. Court of Appeal struck down their class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit, brought forth by the Equitas Society was in response to a 2006 decision by the Harper government to modify the disability pension structure offered to injured vets, changing the life long ongoing subsidy to a one time lump payment, which when added up resulted in a 40 percent pay cut.

Major Mark Campbell

Retired Veteran Major Mark Campbell called today’s BC Court of Appeal decision ‘ridiculous.’

“No one has our backs, through your entire military career from boot camp on down the line you’re told not to worry if you’re injured your needs will be taken care of,” said Campbell.

“There’s no guarantee — as the B.C. Appeal Court judges said –that you will be looked after, should you be injured or killed in the line of duty. If I were a serving member, I would be asking myself whether or not I’d want to go to work tomorrow. . . Who in their right mind is going to join an organization that says we’re going to put you in peril, but we’re not going to cover you. There is no way in hell I would allow my children to join the armed forces. Not a chance. It’s despicable!” – Retired major Mark Campbell

Veterans Affair Minister Seamus O’Regan, who, has never gone to war for his country, states that the feds have made great progress when it comes to addressing the financial needs of injured vets and their families.

B.C. Court Of Appeal

“The idea that inspirational statements by a prime minister containing vague assurances could bind the government of Canada to a specific legislative regime
in perpetuity does not, in any way, conform with the country’s constitutional norms,” wrote Justice Harvey Groberman on behalf of the three judge panel.

Campbell’s lawyer Don Sorochan states that this issue is of national importance, and he will be consulting with his clients to determine their next steps.


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