A Study Showed Better Results on Cognitive Tasks for People Who Embody Albert Einstein in VR


An unusual occurrence frequently happens in immersive virtual reality: individuals begin carrying on distinctively subsequent to going up against a virtual body, as though it were their own. This mirrors their genuine developments, however, varies in different qualities

Virtual reality can make the dream of a virtual body to substitute your own, which is called virtual embodiment.

In an immersive virtual condition, members can see this new body which reflects in a mirror and it precisely coordinates their movements, making a great fantasy that the virtual body is their own, as said by Professor Mel Slater, from the University of Barcelona, who is also the creator of another investigation on virtual embodiment.

In another investigation published in Frontiers, Slater and his associates analyzed how virtual embodiment may influence the perception on different things. The commence was straightforward.

In the event that we gave somebody an unmistakable body that speaks to incomparable knowledge, for example, the one of Albert Einstein, would they perform preferable on a psychological assignment over individuals given a typical body? This is the question that Slater asks himself.

To discover the answer to this question, the scientists requested that 30 young fellows take part in a virtual embodiment experiment. Before doing so, they all finished a few tests that deliberate their planning and critical thinking abilities, a certain predisposition toward older individuals, and confidence in self.

What did they have to do and what’s the result?

In the examination, half of the members went up against a virtual body that took after Albert Einstein, while the other half exemplified one that seemed to be like their own. The members then had to retake the cognitive and the bias tests.

The outcomes demonstrated that individuals with low confidence who became Albert Einstein performed altogether better on the cognitive test, and furthermore communicated lessened inclination toward older individuals.


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