University of Quebec Student To Develop a Tool To Reduce Environmental Impact of Industrial Parks


A student at the School of Higher Technology of the University of Quebec, Raul Arango Miranda, a Mexican, is developing a tool that reduces environmental impact and optimizes the performance of industrial parks by using industrial symbiosis. He explained that his research project seeks to adopt an indicator to support decision-making on environmental protection, to help reduce greenhouse gas emission.

In a recent interview, Arango Miranda said the project would also create a territorial model based on geographic information systems to propose micro concentration planning.

“Our micro concentration environmental indicator helps optimize energy efficiencies and simultaneously reduce the environmental impact that translates into economic and social benefits,” said Raul Arango Miranda.

The doctoral student in environmental engineering added that exergy is the primary part of an energy source and is what makes possible the realization of work from the thermodynamic point of view. The current systems reach an efficiency of up to 70 percent, while Miranda’s one can be increased by between 10 to 15 percent.

“What we want is to increase the efficiency of industrial processes so that companies can invest in cleaner technologies, and in other efficiency processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Industrial symbiosis for reducing environmental impact and greenhouse gas emission

Large companies or industries are also the ones that consume the most energy, but they are also the ones in which there is the most significant opportunity to save and make their processes more efficient through the waste they generate.

“Industrial symbiosis refers to the ability to generate value-added products from the waste or its use to integrate them into the same production chain,” added Raul Arango Miranda from the University of Quebec.

“With exergy, energy processes can be made more efficient in power generation plants, a cement factory or even in traditional buildings or shopping centers. The two instruments that will be generated by the research project will be used to make decisions in groups of professionals around environmental protection and energy planning,” Miranda added.

Additionally, he added that environmental protection by reduction of greenhouse gas emission is increasingly necessary due to the negative impact these have on the planet.


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