Total Solar Eclipse And A Hurricane, Both Captured In A Mind-Blowing Photo


Nature has its ways of blowing our minds sometimes, and you definitely don’t see such a thing every day.

There’s a fantastic satellite photo that shows the moon’s dark shadow which is passing across the Pacific Ocean, and the gorgeous thing is that it’s just South of Hurricane Barbara’s clouds.

The much-awaited solar eclipse occurred over Chile and Argentina, and these were the only countries from which it was visible.

People from all over the world came to see the huge event 

People from all over the world came to see the event. The total solar eclipse commerced at the break of day when the moon started to pass in front of the sun obscuring it.

The shadow could have been seen moving past a small island of the South Pacific and made its way to the west towards South America, more specific Argentina and Chile.

As we already reported, the solar eclipse could be seen on land at 3:22 p.m. in the city of La Serena.

More than 20,000 people live in La Serena, but as a result of the total eclipse, 30,000 more people, some from other parts of Chile, some from other countries, came into the city to enjoy the show.

The first total solar eclipse since 2017

Live Science notes that this was the very first total solar eclipse since back in August 2017 when the Great American Solar Eclipse crossed the US from one coast to the other.

We’ll have to wait until December 2020 to see such as huge spectacle in the skies again in the area. The online publication mentioned above notes that the next such event will see southern South America hosting it again.

It’s also interesting to learn that total solar eclipses occur about once every 18 months. The US, on the other hand, will see another total solar eclipse in April, 2024.


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