The World’s Largest Largest T. Rex Found In Canada Might Have Been A Scavenger


Everyone knows T. rex, aka Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most popular dinosaurs of all time. The colossal animal has played both the hero and the villain is tons of movies, cartoons and so on.

The T. rex has been portrayed as a huge beast that flaunts massive power.

The debate is ongoing regarding the nature of this animal – was it a predator or a scavenger? Experts are still learning more about the species, and this also includes info on how large it could grow.

BGR reports that a T. rex specimen that has been found in Canada is currently helping experts to find out the latest issue mentioned above – the size of such species.

The online publication writes that the animal that left its fossils there was 19,500 pounds.

They mention that National Geographic had reported that the skeleton is 65% complete these days and it offers experts a pretty good idea regarding the overall size of the animal back when it was alive.

Scotty the T. rex lived about 28 years 

It seems that this specimen has been nicknamed “Scotty,” it’s believed to have lived to the ripe old age of 28. Maybe it was even older than that; experts cannot tell for sure at the moment.

Even if this might sound pretty young to us, but in T. rex terms that’s a really long life.

According to BGR, “Scotty was originally uncovered way back in 1991, but its bones were so embedded in the hard rock that it has taken over a decade and a half for scientists to piece it together into a larger form that could be studied.”

Scotty walked this beautiful Earth of ours about 68 million years ago when the planet was different compared to what we know today.

There’s an ongoing debate regarding how T. rexes lived, and it’s possible that these huge animals were more comfortable sampling dead carcasses rather than preying for their own meals.


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