The Planet Melts This Summer


The outrageous warmth that numerous Canadians have encountered this summer could be a look into the future, as a climate expert said in an interview.

Condition Canada’s David Phillips cautions that the outrageous temperatures seen all over the world in the past months will be the standard for this season in decades to come and also this present summer’s climate is a “dress rehearsal” of what will be in the near future.

This sort of worldwide heatwave and outrageous temperatures that we see this summer is extremely going to be summer in the next years. We won’t discuss it in 30 to 40 years because it will be something normal at that time.

Phillips said that the repercussions are visible all around the world.

“The planet is on fire, it’s overheated and we’re seeing the impacts of that in terms of people dying from the heatwaves, crops are burning up and we’re seeing wildfires. All that is related to the fact that we’re under global fever,” according to what he said.

The planet is ablaze, it’s overheated and we can observe the effects of that as far as individuals passed away because of the heatwaves, crops are melting and we’re seeing uncontrolled fires. The whole world is under the fever.

Over 100 warmth alerts have been issued over vast parts of Canada until the end of this week.

Abroad, Lisbon recorded the city’s most sweltering temperature ever. Portugal’s climate service said that the capital came to 44 C (111.2 F) on Saturday evening, outperforming the city’s past record of 43 C (109.4 F) which has been established in 1981.

Phillips also declared that he is concerned about the record temperatures from Calif, recorded a month ago.

Also, Phillips declared that the planet is fighting a “global heatwave”.


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