Supermoon Sunday Is Here


Star gazers are getting ready to get their gaze on as today marks the first and last full moon of 2017.

The “super Moon” or perigee Moon as it is also known as, happens when a full moon reaches its closest orbital point to earth and according to Robert Massey, of the Royal Astronomical Society, the best time to view it will be at midnight when the moon is at it’s highest point above the horizon.

“It’s a nice enough phenomenon,” Massey told BBC.

“You won’t necessarily think that it’s huge. It will appear a bit bigger than usual, but don’t expect it to look five times bigger.”

So how much bigger will the moon appear? Between 14 times bigger and 30 times as bright!

So why is this supermoon such a big deal? Well, they are very rare, due to the moon’s orbit changing orientation as the Earth goes around the sun which constantly changes the orbital distance between the moon and earth.

Luckily for the majority of North America the opportunity to view the supermoon will be quite good as clear skies are forecasted for today.

So just how close will the moon get to earth? How about 222,761 miles.


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