Sewage Flowing From Mexico Sickens US Surfers


It has been reported that a stretch of California beach known for its popular surfing has become contaminated with sewage, thus making beach goers quite sick.

Mexican officials with the Comision Internacional de Limites y Aguas, or CILA, have denied any sewage spill but nobody is buying that, and the finger is being pointed directly at them.

In February, a massive sewage spill flowed up the Tijuana River and contaminated beaches as far north as Coronado, and federal records show that since February, contaminated water has continued to flow from the river into US waters.

“We are protesting the fact that our federal government and state agencies in Tijuana have let us down,” said Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina at a news conference.

The Mayor and his family are just a few of the numerous people who have become sick after spending time at the beach.

“We are asking for State Department investigation into this sewage spill that significantly impacted public health in Imperial Beach. Like the massive February spill, it appears that authorities in Baja California who run the sewage agency, CESPT, are more concerned with covering up pollution than protecting public health,” Dedina added.

“All the signs are there for sewage but because one person in Tijuana the director of the state agency lies about the sewage spill no one on the U.S. side of the border bothers doing any research to find out if something actually happened. So that has to change,” Dedina said.


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