Record Breaking Results As California Hits Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target Years Ahead Of Schedule


While the US left the Paris Climate Accord last year, good things still happen. Despite the controversial views the US administration currently has about green energy, progress is still being made by states that wish to enjoy a cleaner and healthier future. The star of the matter is none other than the Golden State itself: California reached the greenhouse emission for years ahead of the schedule.

While the state planned to reduce gas emissions to fewer than 431 metric tons by the end of 2020 the great news is that the goal was reached to years ago.

In order to prevent confusion, a brief clarification is needed. California’s Air Resources Board has released the emissions report for the years 2000 to 2016. From the report, we learn that in 2016 the emission numbers were already less than 429.4 metric tons, well ahead of the schedule.

It may be worth considering that as the reports are two years behind, the numbers may have increased since 2016. Statistically this not very likely, since the numbers have been declining consistently for over a decade and there is no reason to believe that they may have increased.

In the context of an increasing global-warming phenomenon, this is great news not only for ecologists but for every person who values clean air and more comfortable temperatures. As ice sheets around the world continue to melt, avoiding the acceleration of ice caps and sheets melting due to pollution is something that has become a goal for many countries around the world.

California states an example for the rest of the US states to pick up the pace and make their own contribution. Although the federal political climate may not be very friendly, the states are free to pursue the decrease of greenhouse gasses emission.

The next goal for California is quite ambitious:  To reduce the emissions by over 40 until 2030. It may be just in reach if the current policy remains firm.


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