Recent Studies Show that the Global Warming’s Effects Could be far more Serious than we Thought


Have you ever thought about what would happen if we were to witness all the effects of global warming now? Could we get through them and survive? We like it or not, climate change is affecting us all and it’s mostly our fault. If we take specialists’ warnings seriously and look into the future, we won’t like what we see.

Apocalyptic images like collapsing polar ice caps, the Sahara Desert turning green, tropical forests burning and 20-foot sea-level rise could become our daily surroundings. If we survive, that is, because a recent study suggests, the impact of global warming could be even more severe than the Earth’s current climate issues.

Katrin Meissner, a specialist from University of New South Wales in Australia and the study’s co-author, declared that the warming and climate change rate is remarkable, faster than in any other stage from our planet’s history. Given the situation, it’s hard to predict what will happen and how things will evolve.

The situation is so severe that not even the landmark established through the Paris Climate Agreement might be enough to prevent the catastrophe. The document intends to set a limit for the global warming: 2o Celsius or 3.6o Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels, but this parameter could be useless.

The future doesn’t look good

Alan Mix, a scientist from Oregon State University and another study co-author declared that if global warming continues, it will have a significant impact on the Earth’s systems. Because of this phenomenon, the sea-level rise could become unstoppable and much of the world’s infrastructure, economic activity and population would be affected.

The Earth’s past might give some clues upon the future. Scientists compared the natural global warming periods with the ones caused by human action. Over the past 3.5 million years, people have accelerated the climate change by burning of fossil fuels.

Coal, oil and gas are known for releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (carbon dioxide and methane). Considering this, we shouldn’t wonder why this is happening. Instead, we should start thinking about the responsible use of what’s left of natural resources and ways to slow the warming down.


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  1. Human population side effects are the main cause and makes the main solution easy…reduce human population on the planet by 2 to 3 billion and use tech to be in harmony with nature. PROBLEM IS CAPITALISM REFUSED TO DIE! Capitalism is asking for children people more more more to not die. You see when capitalism has no more victims it has to be socialism and the upgrade and maintenance of best we build over the junk we make and same copies of schools stores roads etc. all for the greed of money and not for the planet or humanity or life just capitalism and never ending greed till all die. As long as capitalism rules the planet this planet has no long term future for using short term crime of capitalism/slavery that 100% must feed on new victims to create the illusion of functioning as it ruins everything for any long term.

  2. Al Gore, the high priest of man made goal warming has been 100% wrong and so far off the reality of the day it’s truly comical. These trends we see today are a result of sun activity and not man made, or even from the enormous amount crap spewed from all the volcanic activity. Check history. We had the exact same weather pattern every 120 years. Go scream the sky is falling if you wish, but nothing significant has really happened except more professionals getting paid to further the bullshit story of global warming so the governments can use it to screw the public for more and more money! The reality is the earth has been cooling for the past 17 years but nobody will pay the climatologists for this cos they don’t want the truth for the public to know. That’s the real truth.

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