Ohio Hammered By Six Different Tornados


One tornado is bad enough but can you imagine being hit with six?

This is exactly what has happened in the northern and western part of the state of Ohio, with devistating consequences.

“I’ve seen a lot of hard hit areas with storms, even as far as having relatives down in the hurricanes,” Celina Mayor Jeffrey Hazel told WHIO-TV. “I can say this is pretty tremendous damage in this area.”

Roofs have been torn off buildings, stores have been destroyed and so far two deaths have been reported.

The two deaths were reported in Erie, Pennsylvania, where officials found two men in the basement of a house that was under eight ft of water where it appears they had gone to protect themselves from the storm.

A number of serious injuries have also been reported, but the fact that only two fatalities have been documented after such a sudden and severe weather outbreak is remarkable.

According to the National Weather Service, one tornado touched down in Indiana before smashing into Ohio, and the other five touched down in Ashland, Crawford, Sandusky and Erie.

Diners inside a restaurant in the western Ohio city of Celina had the shock of their lives
when a tornado touched down and swept through. Six patrons were hurt but none seriously.

Buildings have gaping holes in walls, trees have fallen, and there are many houses holding feet of water.

As of yesterday morning, more than 40,000 residents were without power and officials can not truly say when all power will be restored.

Due to the election being held today in northeastern Ohio, polling locations have been relocated because of the power outage.

Check back for updates to this story when more information becomes available.


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